Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome to the new blog for Emerald Coast Pediatric Sleep Consultants! The purpose of this site is to inform parents, children, and health providers about healthy sleep and lifestyle habits that promote restful, restorative sleep.

At Emerald Coast Pediatric Sleep Consultants we believe that sleep impacts all aspects of a child’s health. Also, things in a child’s lifestyle directly impact their ability to sleep well. On this site there will be information about pediatric sleep disorders and methods to treat common sleeping problems in children. We will have articles about how to eat healthy, stress reduction, exercise, and relaxation techniques that can be used with the whole family.

My name is Sonia Smith. I am the owner and clinician at Emerald Coast Pediatric Sleep Consultants. I have been a pediatric nurse for 30 years and have been a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for 25 years. I have experience in primary care, pulmonology, emergency medicine, and neurology. I have been involved in the field of pediatric sleep medicine since 2010. I will receive my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in May, 2016. I will be blogging on topics related to sleep medicine and sleep training for children.

I am very proud to have several guest bloggers who are experts in their fields who have offered to share their wisdom with you. Lorie Ward is a Certified Health Coach and will be blogging on nutrition and exercise topics related to sleep. Her goals are to help people improve their lifestyle choices to possibly reduce their need for medicine. Her areas of interest include food-healing, growing and preparing organic foods, and fitness.

Bree Conklin is a certified psychotherapist who will share with you topics about managing anxiety, stress, and behavior. Finally, Mary Dawn McRae is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis – a specialized approach to the treatment of behavior problems in children. We are grateful for their time and expertise.

We encourage you to check out our other multimedia sites for additional information and timely tips about sleep. The web site is www.emeraldcoastsleep.com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well! We look forward to helping to improve your child’s sleep!