Ten Reasons Why Parents Should Evaluate Their Child’s Sleep


  1. Good sleep helps your child to do well in school

Children who are tired cannot concentrate and focus well in school. A good night’s sleep may help your child’s grades improve.

  1. Good sleep helps to improve your child’s behavior

Sleepy children may misbehave, have more emotional meltdowns, and be more easily irritated.

  1. Good sleep helps to keep your child’s weight under control

Poor sleep contributes to obesity. Too many of the hormones that contribute to weight gain are released when you don’t sleep well. Also, lack of sleep provides more opportunities to snack!

  1. Good sleep helps to keep your child’s chronic illnesses under control

Studies show that asthma, diabetes, seizures, and other chronic problems can worsen in children who do not sleep well.

  1. Good sleep helps to promote your child’s growth and development

Growth hormones are released during sleep. A good night’s sleep helps your child to be more alert and able to learn new skills.

  1. Poor sleep may look like ADHD or other behavior problems in children

Sleepy children may show signs of ADHD and have other behavior problems. Also, children with ADHD often have problems sleeping.

  1. One child with poor sleep can be disruptive to the entire family

When one child does not sleep well, often parents do not sleep well. Other siblings in the home may also be affected by an overly active, noisy environment at night.

  1. Poor sleep leads to missed days from work and school

Sleepy children have been shown to have increased tardiness to school and to miss more days from school. This affects the ability of parents to get to work and to be productive once there.

  1. Poor sleep can cause dental problems in your child

Children who are mouth breathers or tooth grinders can develop problems with their teeth over time.

  1. Good sleep is essential for your child’s health and well-being

A good night’s sleep is critical for the health of your child’s body, but also helps to promote feelings of wellness and good self-esteem.