Give the Gift of Sleep This Holiday Season

christmas_2016_aThe holidays are here! Some of us are still scrambling to find the perfect gift for that one person who seems to have everything. How about giving them the gift of a restful, restorative night’s sleep?

Who do you know that would not LOVE to sleep a little better or a little longer? There are many gifts that you can give this season that may help to accomplish that goal.

The Princess and the Pea

Remember that story? There was a girl (later discovered to be a princess) who was so delicate that she could feel a pea underneath a stack of mattresses as she slept! While most of us would not be able to feel a pea under the mattress, a lumpy, bumpy mattress can be disruptive to a good night’s sleep. If turning the mattress over and moving the foot to the head of the bed does not do the trick, it might be time for a new one! While cost is always a factor, remember the general rule that you usually get what you pay for. It could be a very worthwhile investment!

The Beauty of the Perfect Pillow


If a new mattress will be a bit pricey for this holiday season, consider buying your friend or loved one a new pillow. There are plenty of styles to choose from. Is your friend a side sleeper or a back sleeper? There’s a pillow for that. Or how about one that keeps your head cool at night? If allergies keep them up at night consider a hypoallergenic pillow. Or try memory foam.

Ahh, Blankey!


Blankets always make great gifts. If your child likes the weight of heavy bedding, try a mink blanket. Or what about a plush blanket for those who like to snuggle with something soft?

Turn Out the Lights

Let’s talk lighting. Black out curtains would be a welcome gift if the room is perpetually lit from external sources like street lights. If your child is afraid of the dark, a new night light might be a fun gift. Consider a red bulb which has been shown to help promote sleep.

Ban the Blue

Remember that the blue light spectrum from tablets, TVs, etc. can interfere with your sleep. If you give an electronic tablet, consider loading a program that automatically dims the screen in the evenings. Remember also that children who have televisions in their rooms have been shown to not sleep as well as they should.

Herbal Remedies


A room diffuser with lavender scents might help your little one to drift off to sleep easier. Or, for older children, how about a special cup for Chamomile tea during wind down time?

It’s Too Quiet in Here!

A sound machine also makes a great gift. Just be sure that it is continuous play and not set on a timer. Soothing music that can be set to loop will also make a wonderful gift. If the room is warm, you might consider a box fan or a cool mist humidifier which will also add some white noise to the room.

Read Me a Story!


Books to read during quiet time make wonderful presents! There are also some great books on yoga and massage for children that might promote relaxation before bed.

There are a lot of amazing gifts that you can give this holiday season. The gift of sleep will always be one that is guaranteed to be cherished and not re-gifted or returned!

Happy Holidays (and Happy Snoozing) from all of us at Emerald Coast Pediatric Sleep Consultants!