3 Tips for a Happy 5th of July

The staff at Emerald Coast Pediatric Sleep Consultants would like to wish each of you a Happy Fourth of July! This year, the holiday falls on a Tuesday. For many of us, that means a return to work, daycare or summer school on July 5. So, what can we do to help our children wake up happy, smiling and playful after a restful night’s sleep the day after the holiday? 

Here are three quick tips you might find helpful: 

  1. Many children like to stay up to watch the fireworks. With a little pre-planning, you may be able to locate a fireworks display that starts in the early evening rather than later at night. Remember to account for travel time and traffic. A 30-minute 7:00 pm show could equate to a three to four hour ordeal depending on the size of the crowd and the distance from home.
  2. If you opted to stay home to keep the kids on schedule, consider putting some white noise in their room at night (a box fan, looping music, etc.) to help drown out your partying neighbors and their impromptu fireworks.
  3. Barbeque is a 4th of July tradition. So are soft drinks, sweet tea, chocolate desserts, and watermelon. Be sure to remain aware of hidden sources of caffeine that may affect your child’s sleep. Watermelon, while delicious, can cause increased trips to the bathroom and disrupt sleep if eaten too close to bedtime.

Have a safe, happy holiday! Wishing you restful, restorative sleep!